When I see the heartfelt smile on people's faces, i feel touched!


Strategy 4
d) Being an outsider (the way I do)
Pretending to be a passer-by, I peep at the audience and to introduce myself if necessary.


Strategy 3
c) Good works speak for themselves
Some aim at showing the works without really attempting to sell,
they even don't show up, I appreciate them most.


Strategy 2
b) Little giveaway
Those who are relatively older or those who are not sociable
like to attract audience by candies or free postcards.


It is like running your own business in the market,
each unit has its own marketing strategy:
Strategy 1
a) Personal charm
This applies to those handsome and presentable guys only.


Everyone is glamorous in the preview evening, friends are invited.
I come to London alone, I'm now in my booth alone.
Luckily, some japanese girls with their westerner boyfriends come
as they are interested in my works.
Ha! They think that I'm a japanese, I'm happy as both
Japan and western cultures are always appealing to me.


Dressing up is so important, I find him handsome suddenly.


Before-after comparison of the guy from another booth:


I still have a pair of hands, buy a fat marker, draw directly on the wall.


Setting up at the art fair, its too professional,
I mean other people not me...
I've got nothing with me, what should i display?


I go to Ikea to look for a table to be used in art fair.
Globalization makes life boring,
I find the same products in such a distant country.
The only difference is the super high shelves,
it's quite shocking, it seems that I'm in a world of giants.


Introduced by friend,
I've applied to an art fair by email when I was in Hong Kong.
I arrived in London on early morning of 8th March,
but I have to attend a briefing session that evening.
I have no idea on how the art fair will be,
it claims that 'The Islington Comtemporary Art & Design Fair
is your chance to join the London arts scene and exhibit with
like minded, talented artists and designers, network and create contacts'


Never fear! Taken off to have an x-ray to see if my lungs are ok.
I love UK with all my heart, no problem on immigration.


Answering a few questions, I'm led to another room for body check.
There is no Bo Bo Dragon in London, it's useless even to shout 'No', woo...


There is a rumour that you can be rejected from immigration
even with a visa. Someone had advised me to enter through
a counter of a non-british, but a blonde western woman
signals me to go to her side.


I'm so lucky, there is an empty seat beside,
I fall asleep immediately after taking-off,
I can't help to say 'I am really tired in these few years!'
Poor big men behind, being stuffed for 17 hours.


now I can taste the experience of being a 'foreign' neighbour finally.


I'm always a well equipped tourist going to particular spots participating in particular activities;


officer: Where are you working now?
me: Tai Koo Shing
(officer knit his brow)
me: no no...advertising firm
officer: Are you going to quit the job and go travelling?
me: yes yes

In officer's mind ( from bottom of his heart)
"Such a SMART person is unlikely to be able to achieve something
big to threaten people in my home town, just let her go."


Holiday work visa is an arrangement where the
so-called youngsters who are aged below 30
can stay in UK for 2 years and work on a part time basis
for less than 12 months to support their travels financially.

Way to apply:
- Go to UK Embassy
- Fill in the application form
- Be interviewed by an Entry Clearance Officer
- Pay for the visa fee, HK$1190


7th March 2006, I depart from Hong Kong with
so many rabbits and a holiday work visa to London.