He complains this and that all day,
shouts at customer officers on the phone,
cuts the line and throws the phone forcefully onto the floor!


Being forced to stay home all day in pain,
landlord becomes even more resentful of the world!


The only thing I can do is give him water and medicine,
comfort him that the pain is a good sign as it comes from
the growth of bones, like what happened to us in adolescence.


Landlord sometimes groans.


During the period of being a "broadband free-rider",
every time when I see someone who looks relatively trendy or rich,
I'd assume that he is the 'victim'.
I walk faster and avoid any eye contact, guilty conscience!


No broadband signal anymore.
Someone must have discovered that.


I hear a rumor that they are related to royalty.
They have their own land.
They build a big white house on it.
I'm more interested in the beautiful and lovely angels, Lily and Grace.


I visit a local family with 2 rabbits.
A perfect family that can only be seen in Kellogg's TV commercials.
The father worked in advertising in Hong Kong before.