4:00 a.m., landlord calls, he is sent to hospital as his leg was broken.


The hair trimmings are thrown out to the neighbor's garden.
They probably don't know witchcraft here in UK, do they?


Landlord becomes a hair stylist.
He can gie my requested style with a pair of small plastic scissors
that is normally used in art classes by children. Brilliant!


It's Easter Holiday. Everyday is holiday to me.
To landlord, he shares his study on Psycho-analysis day and night.


We're lost when it gets dark!
The walk is spontaneous, so we don't have Oyster card with us.
We try to ask someone for the way to home.

Is it necessary to be so honest? Have you no shame?


There is a big meadow near our house, Hackney Marshes,
stretch to the horizon, there are many many goals,
it's so huge as many football fields joining together.


It's still bright at 6pm, summer is coming.
Landlord suggests to talk a walk before dinner.


I've got the chance to see musical finally, The Lion King.
One person acts four deer, busy!


Taking a nap in Green Park.
It's so cold, to be honest,
I feel like a street-sleeper rather than a holiday maker.



Landlord makes toast,
the smell makes me feel hungry.
After one bite,
I go back to sleep immediately as I want to throw up.


The concert ends at 12:00 something.
It's my turn to get drunk.
I get home and go straight to bed.



Going out to have fun with landlord again.
It's a pink concert in a pub nearby.
His friend is a drummer, appearing in concert tonite.
However, we are late and miss his performance.

When landlord is buying drink,
the drummers says to me ...


Landlord claims that he had been a vegan for more than 10 years before.
One of the bosses shows him the recipe of the cake.
To be honest, I find it nasty.
Sorry, I'm a die hard meat fan.


Take a rest in a Vegan Cafe.
It is operated by a group of die hard vegans.
I order a mango milk shake and
a piece of mango cake,
right, a cake without milk and egg!


Landlord becomes a tour guide.
He shows me many hidden art galleries.
We have to press the door bell to go inside.
Many people think that Hackney is a dangerous district,
other than black people,
it appeals to a group of young artists as well.


Drink in SOHO.
All the bar tenders are gay.
They are in extremely high quality, too bad!