My landlord probably has forgotten everything the next morning!
Luckily, everything back to normal!!


I'm back to my room eventually.
There is no lock, i've better to use something to block the door!


We keep walking, he keeps saying similar words.
What? This is only the 3rd day I've moved to the house, don't be silly!
I still see nobody on street, it's dark and cold, I'm afraid!
However, there will be only two of us when we go home, it's even more scary!!

rabbit "wah ha ha ... no sex appeal!!"




My instant reaction:
Wah! You've just touched a tramp with your hand.


We walk, walk and walk ...
I wonder when can we arrive home yet.
Don't say night-time, I can't tell the way home even at day-time.
My drunken landlord keeps himself busy singing and talking.


It's 3:00am, I see nobody on street.


The next moment my landlord shakes hands with a tramp.
Oh my god!


That person accidentally kicks himself and falls down.
What an idiot!


That person turns over,
he looks aggressive and starts kickboxing suddenly.
That person is much taller but my landlord is surprisingly calm
and even suggests to shake hands.
What an old ass!!


Drunken Trouble Maker
Time: 03:00am
Place: on the way home

My landlord follows a passer-by suddenly, then shouts.


I can't believe that I'm with a group of artists.
I'm unable to join the conversation,
English is a problem, content is another problem.
That's the only sentence that I can catch on,
but i can't understand the true meaning behind.


We move to another pub, I feel much better after having some crisp,
I want more drinks!


My landlord says this is culture shock!


Enjoying beer, I faint suddenly.


Mr landlord brings me to an exhibition opening.
He says that this kind of event is usually held on thursday night.
Tonight's venue is like residential.
A crowd with free beer gathers outside.
My landlord says that many artists and art critics are here.
Then we go to pub with some of his artist friends.


Trained under the poor Hong Kong Education System,
I can only understand 70% of his english even I'm extremely focused.
He keeps talking talking and talking... However, it's quite funny.

*English is described as the intestine of chicken because of the similar continuity of the form


My landlord cooks me pasta, yummy!!
Although it's freezing outside, I feel warm!
Last night he shared his works with me.
Tonight, he shared all what have happened to his life with me.


Wow! There is free wireless broadband service,
someone in my neighbourhood
must have forgotten to set password.
It's great to be a free rider!


Then I go to the too big supermarket to get some necessities,
it's too heavy! There is a 20 min walk from home.
I'm still excited, it's not bad to take some exercise.


This room has been abandoned for a long time,
it's covered in dust!
I'm so excited that I don't mind to give my new room a good clean-up.


Although there aren't too many belongings, packing,
moving and unpacking are extremely tiring.
When I prepare to go to sleep, my landlord shows me his drawings,
it's extremely large in quantity!
He seems very eager to force others to see his works too, I lose!



Call a mini cab from Addison Lee which is very professional,
the driver is in suit and very responsible,
the fare is lower than that of a taxi.
There is a LV suitcase at the back of the car,
it puts my paper boxes to shame!


I'm moving.


Blood-curdling, how can this be allowed in western civilization?


To look trendy, firstly, you must resist the cold weather,
and secondly, your legs must be thin enough!


The landlord is her friend, an Irish Artist.
At 6:00p.m., it's getting dark.
He sits in front of the window, blocking the light.
Basically I'm talking to a silhouette.


Make friends with a Macau girl I met in the artfair.
She hasn't suggested me to try the renown buffet dinner
in a new casino in macau, instead,
she refers me to a friend who has a room to let.


Room Visit.
The landlord is a couple from Pakisten.
What? Pork is not allowed...


Looking for accommodation from internet.
I can't distinguish one district from another,
I totally have no idea on how to start.


I find a way to travel free.
Get onto the bus from second and third door,
choose a seat which is close to the yellow circular reader,
don't 'touch in' unless a ticket officer is present.
Attention: Don't try this if you're slow, you can be fined 20 pounds!


Oyster card is similar to Octopus card in Hong Kong,
80p a ride during off-peak hours.